fusioneers is the software devision of mkfx, a 3D animation and postproduction facility located in Graz, Austria. As our in-house plugins developed, we decided to make them commercially available to other users of DigitalFusion. fusioneers was founded in March 2001 with its release of DOT-s V1.0 - the first particle system available for DigitalFusion. Shortly followed by DOT-s 2.0 which was developed during a complex production we did in that time, that DOT-s V1.0 simply was not capable of.

With Gaia 3DF we set another milestone in DF history. Adding features like real 3D compositing, 3D object import or 3D camera import to your favorite toolset - features that were only available on costly turnkey compositing systems.

You can expect more from fusioneers in the not so distant future!

Gaia3DF, DOT-s and fusioneers are TM and copyright mkfx. eyeon, DigitalFusion are copyright eyeon, inc. All other products and names mentioned on this site are copyright by their respective owners.

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