Gaia - Gallery

[MPG, 1.37Mb]
A 3ds object re-textured and re-lighted using a projection map.
[MPG, 2.19Mb]
A simple object rotated in 3D space using Gaia.
[MPG, 1.37Mb]
A 3DPlane and a LWO egg, showing some transparency.
[MPG, 0.52Mb]
3DS Cellphone with 300.000 faces.
[MPG, 0.52Mb]
A shpere opacity and bump mapped to get a globe.

DOT-s - Gallery

[QT, 181kb]
Disco-styled particles with DOT-s.
[QT, 97kb]
Emitting letters usind DOT-s and bouncing off the fusioneers logo.
[QT, 162kb]
The Letters DF are drawn by using DOT-s' path follow.
[MPG, 229kb]
Tracked the little girl's finger and used that path to emit small logo-paticles.
[MPG, 354kb]
some letters used as particles reveal the fusioneers' web-site address.
[MPG, 313kb] [Tutorial]
Here you'll learn to add some jet-streams to add live to two still images.
[MPG, 1.07Mb]
A swarm of cartoon bees showing DOT-s' banking feature.
[MPG, 1.92Mb]
Pure cool chaos. Everything is randomized here.
[MPG, 0.8Mb]
An attractor is used to run the particles in an orbit.
[MPG, 161kb] [Tutorial]
You'll learn how simple it is to add heat dis-tortion using DOT-s.
[MPG, 1.07Mb]
A user sample from www.piranha.be
[MPG, 1.13Mb]
And Jan Goossen created another one.
[MPG, 1.25Mb]
What you'd say? Again a DOT-s sample from
[MPG, 1.19Mb]
Floating visualization. Looks complicated, but was done in 20 Minutes using 8 DOT-s and its powerfull follow-path feature.