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Gaia 3DF - adding a new dimension to DigitalFusion

Gaia Interoperability between applications is vital to a modern production workflow. That's why we wanted to add a new dimension to DigitalFusion. No, you won't get a OpenGL driven, Quake like 3D flow layout, but a lightning fast renderer to add 3D objects, primitives and real 3D layers to your work. Real lights and cameras too, if you need them.  Gaia 3DF is on it's way. Currently in RC state, it will be available at IBC.

The Gaia 3DF Suite will be made of modules sold separtely:
The Base Module including the renderer, lights, camera import and 3D planes for 3D compositing.
The Objects module for LW and 3DS object import, including surface manipulation.
Texture Manipulation.
...and more that are not finished yet.

DOT-s V2.0

DOT-s Grown in production, DOT-s is optimized for float visualization. If you ever tried to get exact, yet complex particle motion in a 3D program, you may know what is meant. DOT-s is a simple, easy to use particle system. An average setup is done in under ten minutes. But that does not mean it is only doing that well - it's an all purpose tool that may easily satisfy most of your particle needs.
DOT-s has a real multithreaded render engine that uses all the CPU power you have all the time, which makes DOT-s the one of the fastest particlesystems available for DigitalFusion.