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Welcome to - plugins for DigitalFusion

We design plugins that really make sense in everyday production life.
All our plugins started as in-house tools. Some of them turned commercial as they worked for us so well, and we wanted to share them with you. With a lot of experience ourselves in real world projects, we have an idea what the artists need. So you can expect more really fine tools from us, stuffed with features and easy to work with.

'Gaia 3DF' and 'DOT-s'

Interoperability between applications is vital to a modern production workflow. Therefore we simply could not withstand to add a new dimension to DigitalFusion. Adding real 3D objects from 3DS Max and Lightwave to your flow is just a matter of loading them.
Currently in RC state, it will be available at IBC.

Tired of setting up particle systems for days in your favorite 3D program? DOT-s was designed to efficiently add particles to your work at the shortest possible time. You get one tool that has it all and satisfies most of your particle needs.