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Gaia 3DF - Two dimensions can't be the limit!

You always wanted to have your layers on planes in 3D space? You wanted a real 3D camera to move through them? You also wanted to be able to read camera-data from your favorite match mover program into DigitalFusion?
Then Gaia 3DF might be the answer to your needs.
You want to add a few 3D objects in your work and directly manipulate them in DF? Maybe also re-texturize them? Turn them into wireframe or even cartoon style?
Then Gaia 3DF might also be the answer.
Screenshot of two planes, an object, a camera and a light in 3D space.
Screenshot of an hires model with 300.000 faces rendered on a dual PIII 1 Ghz at 4.66s/frame.
Screenshot of a simple two plane, camera and light compositing.

But what is Gaia?

Gaia is not designed to replace a 3D program. Gaia is a good quality, lightning fast render subsystem for DigitalFusion. Similar to DF's very own particle system, it uses its own data structure and needs a renderer to get an output at the end. It also has various tools and modifiers to manipulate 3D objects, planes, lights and cameras.
Gaia comes with a basic built-in layouter, to move, rotate and scale your objects in 3D space. You can link the transforms (move, rotate, scale) of various types of objects using the Gaia 3D Merge, for easy animation.


3D Planes
can be fed with any type of image
Texture repetition
Self illumination
various alphachannel transparency effects

3D Camera
import of Lightwave and 3DS files supported

3D Lights
Distant, Point and Spotlights. Shadow casting
Use images as projector maps

3D Merger
merges Gaia data and has the possibility to link all sorts of animation
3D ObjectImport
loads 3DS, LWO and LWS files
manipulates Smoothing, Color, Specular & Glossiness
maps images or sequences onto objects
Color, Bump, Opacity and Reflection are supported
Mapping coordinates: Planar, Spherical, Cylindric and Box, with size, rotation and location
Color tint of mappings
Sets the shade mode for all objects fed to it
The modes are: Vertices, Wireframe, Frontage Wireframe, Sketch, Solid, Textured, Toon, Phong
Gaia 3DF Renderer
Orthographic views (Top, Front, Left, Bottom, Back, Right)
Perspective view
Depth of Field
Animate between Morph targets (3D objects with the same vertex and faces)
...and many more to come!